3-16-10 Daido Building 3F,
Shimo-ochiai, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 161-0033

(Very close to the Shimo-ochiai
Sancho-me bus stop(On Mejiro Street))

TEL : 03-5906-5092

FAX : 03-5906-5093


I studied liberal arts at university, worked at a Japanese bank in Switzerland, then decided to go into medicine. Japan and overseas, sciences and liberal arts, student and member of the workforce…
My experiences started in me a strong interest in resilience (ability to handle and grow in the face of difficulty) among people living in a multicultural setting.
It is said that interpersonal relationship is a source of much of our stress.  Preferences and common sense differ person to person, even among friends or even partners.  From that perspective we can say that everyone is actually living in a multicultural setting.
I want you to be able to be yourself even in a multicultural setting and be as free as a fish swimming in the sea. And when you feel down and your usual routine feels like too much, I want to be at your side.
We at the Mejiro SOLA Clinic aim to bring peace of mind by offering medical and counseling services to those living in the community as well as those from various cultural backgrounds.

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